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Globe Responds to Mr. Sepe's Bill concern

Have you seen the latest news at ABS-CBN about the Globe Bill Issue? One of their writers had an issue with Globe in his postpaid plan billing. If you can still remember, Globe had modernized their network before and it seems that the transition to that isn't 100% yet. I also saw some tweets complaining to Globe that their postpaid billing isn't accurate or too too much than expected. Okay, that's Mr. Sepe's side. Now let's check out Globe's response to that issue in their official statement

Here's the official Statement of Globe regarding Mr. Sepe's issue with the Globe Billing.

Globe proactively reviewing customer billing; responds to bill concern

We write in response to the opinion article of Mr. Fernando Sepe uploaded in ABS-CBNnews.com last July 19 about his billing issues.
We understand the frustration that Mr. Sepe felt about his billing concerns since unfortunately, he was among those selected subscribers who encountered a problem in their billing. We know that the journey in modernizing our service delivery infrastructure and business support system to provide our customers with a better service experience is not easy.

As Mr. Sepe himself narrated, Globe has been proactively communicating to customers about billing challenges largely brought about by our recent systems migration, and has taken appropriate measures to address bill disputes. In his case, he indicated in the article the series of reversals done particularly for his data charges.

At this point, It is important for us to state that while Mr. Sepe felt the need to publicize his experience, Globe has been going through all billings in the last four months so that this experience will not be replicated in other subscribers. Thus, we were able to make the appropriate billing adjustments as recounted in the article, whereby bill reversals were credited to his account in the past two billings.

Another proactive service measure is the creation of a special action team two weeks ago to double check and continue reviewing all the billing statements, on a per customer basis. We want to assure our customers that we are taking this step to ensure the quality and accuracy of their billing.

As a result of the QA process, any additional bill adjustment due to our customers will be reflected in their September to October billing statements.

We welcome subscribers who may want to seek clarification about their billing statements and will be given priority in all our customer contact points. Our @talk2globe twitter account for social media has been strengthened with more
customer service advisors. Likewise, we have improved the menu for our 211 hotline to handle billing concerns. One can also go to our Globe stores for proper customer assistance.

In addition, we are extending further assistance to our customers in the form of installment offers for those who experienced delayed billings. Please contact the said customer channels for information on how to avail of the offer.

We value our customers and the feedback they give helps us serve them better. We wish to express that we are thankful for the patience and understanding our subscribers have shown in this journey of providing a much improved service. It's getting better everyday. We have no other wish but to have the happiest customers.
I'm pretty sure that Globe is doing everything to fix their network. For those people who are experiencing problems with their bills, just contact Globe. They'll fix that for sure, all you need is to be patient.

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