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Special Force online, is the no.1 Online FPS (first person shooting game) game in the philippines. Special Force online or SF online are published by mygame.ph

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I've just played SF online a while ago and it looks like counter strike. So Counter strike fans would definitely love this game.

Now, About Cheats & hacks in the game. AFAIK, there are cheats and hacks in this game. like the 1 hit hack using the cheat engine. But when I played the game a while ago and press Alt + Tab . The game automatically exit. I think there is a need to modify the client to use alt + tab during the game. So I just informed you guys if I found some videos about hacks & cheats in SF online

As of now, there are jump hack and aimbot that are present in Special Force Online and here's a example of an old wall hack and aimbot

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